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Education state funding in Denmark

These are the types of state funding in Denmark:

SU or Statens Uddannelsesstøtte, is the Danish state education grant and loan scheme, which every Dane over the age of 18 can apply for.

A foreign citizen can qualify if:
He/she has come to Denmark with their parents before turning 20 or
He/she is married to a Danish citizen or
He/she has worked legally 30 hours a week for at least two and a half

Note: Au pair work is not regarded as paid work.

Details about how the program works can be found at Su.dk

SVU is part of a program to ensure that the workforce in develop and maintain their skills. It applies for education in basic school, high school or university.

VEU is the another type of support for adult education. It is for education in the business education levels. Contact the A-kasse within your work union or the job administration (arbejdsformidlingen) at the kommune where you live.

Read more about adult education.


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