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Free books, newspapers and movies

  • Be careful about ordering books online from abroad.  The duty tax can be high.  Use www.amazon.co.uk rather than www.amazon.com to avoid the duty.  Check out www.bookdepository.co.uk – another good deal with free delivery.
  • Learn to use Denmark’s excellent library system. Besides the websites for Copenhagen [www.bibliotek.kk.dk] and Frederiksberg [http://fkb.dk/forside], search the entire of Denmark and request books, movies, music, language courses, etc, to come to your local library [www.bibliotek.dk.]. You can get a library card even if you do not have a CPR number – ask at the main library.
  • Join a book group.  Borrow or exchange books with friends.
  • Some booksellers carry used books.
  • Buy books at the AWC Holiday Bazaar in November – great selection and deals.
  • The Copenhagen Post is Denmark’s only English-language newspaper in print. Pick it up free on Thursdays and Fridays at tourist hotels or the Tourist Information Visitors’ Centre.  You can also view it online [www.cphpost.dk/].  Politiken now has an online English version [http://politiken.dk/newsinenglish].
  • An increasing number of newspapers can be read free online. For example, The New York Times [www.nytimes.com/]. Or news reports, such as BBC [http://news.bbc.co.uk/]
  • If you can read Danish, there are many other free or low-cost newspapers in Copenhagen.

Movies & DVDs

  • Borrow DVDs and videos from the library (can reserve them online).
  • Purchase DVDs at video stores reduced to as low as 25-30 kroner.
  • Visit the Danish Film Institute – free DVD and VHS viewing [www.dfi.dk].
  • Be aware that DVDs from home might not be compatible on your Danish DVD player.  You might be able to play them on your laptop that you brought from home.
  • If you watch a lot of DVDs, check out www.lovefilm.dk (the Danish equivalent of the American Netflix) where, for a monthly flat fee, you watch unlimited number of DVDs.
  • Check for reduced matinee prices.

TV and Radio

  • Download free podcasts through your computer.
  • TV schedule is provided in the free newspapers. Also, online [tvtid.tv2.dk/allekanaler]


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