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Chapter 18. Security

This is an excerpt from the Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark.
The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

You might be wondering whether this chapter is really necessary since everyone keeps saying how safe it is in Denmark. We are not suggesting anything to the contrary.

Remember that there are thieves everywhere in the world and you shouldn’t let your guard down just because Denmark is considered safe. In any case, the following advice is useful anywhere.

Most of the hints in this chapter have been put together by Fiona Thomas, an expat from Great Britain.
– Pickpockets thrive in crowds of people, e.g. at the main railway station in Copenhagen. It only takes a slight push or shove to distract you. If your wallet is easily accessible you probably won’t even notice that it’s gone. Some women like carrying their handbag inside a shopping basket, which makes it really easy for a thief to remove. The straps on shoulder bags can be cut easily – all it takes is a slight yank and your bag is gone.
– If you are carrying a backpack you should not stow your wallet in any outside pockets. It is really easy to unzip them or cut them open with a sharp knife. The contents will fall out, and the thief only needs to “harvest” it.
– Be aware that someone might be watching you at the car park/parking lot ticket machine or when you get a supermarket trolley. They will see where you keep your wallet and later know exactly where to find it.
– In restaurants, women often put their bags under the table or on an empty chair next to them making it easy for someone to pick up. Some cafés and restaurants provide hooks attached to the underside of the tables so that you can hang your bags there.

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Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

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