CLAVIS and Worktrotter for a free school choice

For those newcomers to Denmark that have a right to subsidized Danish classes this article might be of great interest.

Most newcomers don't know that they can freely choose the language school they follow their Danish classes at, as long as it does not exceed the cost of the language school connected to their kommune (these costs are transparent to the newcomer, as they are transactions between the language school and the kommune).
What does this means? E.g. if you live in one kommune but you would prefer to go to the language school in another kommune, you can do that,  long the other school does not pose higher costs on your kommune than the kommune-school. Make sure you talk to your kommune about this and refer to your right of free school choice.

In 2009 a new law has been prepared to go into practice in January 2010 which might reduce the options for free choice. The language school CLAVIS and the Worktrotter-network (representing about 4.000 newcomers to Denmark) have appealed to the parliametary commission responsible for this topic and have brought in their views that the possibilities for a free choice should remain unchanged.

With a healthy competition in the language school space, schools will have a greater interest to improve the quality of their service and adapt it to the needs of their customers - the language students.
This can only be of advantage to all of us.
Better service will mean that students will lean Danish faster and such will become faster integrated members of the Danish society. This means reduced costs for their language education but above all they can become more productive at work, as their Danish capabilities improve. This will have a positive influence on the Danish job market and consequently on the Danish well-fare system. 
So, why would anybody want to reduce the current base for free choice?

Has our appeal been successful? We will probably know short before Christmas.

Bente Meinhardt and Dagmar Fink (from right to left)
after their meeting with the parliamentary commision for integration 
on Dec 1, 2009.


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