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Food from home

Many expats describe how much they are missing food or products from their home country.
This page tries to help you and points out where you can buy the products you miss.
Hope it helps a bit with you begin homesick.

If you know of other shops where you can buy products from your home country online at a reasonable shipping cost, post a comment at the bottom of the page or send an email to contact (at) worktrotter.dk and we'll take a look at them.


American food sent from France

American Food in France - online grocery store for American food products

Shipping costs to Denmark: e.g.
5kg/10lb 133,5 DKK, 10kg/20lb: 175,6 DKK

American products: baking ingredients, beverages & sodas, cake mixes & frosting, candies & gum, canned goods & soups, cereal & breakfast foods, chips, crackers & snacks, chocolates & candy bars, condiments, oils & dressings, diet foods, kosher foods, mexican foods & tex-mex, poptarts & sweet snacks, rice, pasta & sides, sauces, spices & seasonings, spreads & syrups

British, American, Pillippine, Indian & Vegetarian

Wide variety of products: bakery, biscuits/cookies, cereals/b-fast, confectionary, crackers/snacks, crisps/chips, fresh cakes (BBE short!), frozen/chilled, fruit juices, home baking, hot drinks, household products, hygienics, meals/tinned, party tems, pickles/sauces, soda/soft/alcohol drinks, soups, spreads/jams, squashes, sugar/syrup
Baby products
Magazines, books and movies


British products

Shipping costs to Denmark:
25-30 kg: 106 DKK

British products: bakery, biscuits & crackers, cakes, desserts, cereals, condiments & pickles, confectionery, oils, sauces, crisps & snacks, diet & slimming, dressings, marinades, coffee, tea, water and alcoholic drinks, fairtrade, gravy & stock, herbs/spices, home improvements, jams & marmelades, organic, rice & pasta, soups, spreads & pastes, stock Clearance, stuffing, tinned & dried toddler & baby toiletries. International foods, vegetarian & "free from" products

Laundry, pet, pharmacy, sport products

Spanish food

Shipping costs to Denmark:
e.g. 5kg/10lb: 124 DKK, 10kg/20lb: 158 DKK etc. You can pay in €, £, $

Spanish products: almonds,  Bonito tuna, cheese, chocolates, Chorizo, sausages, coffee, cookies, desserts, fruit, preserves, gazpacho, jamon (ham), Mantecados, olives, olive oil, paella, peppers & spices, rice, saffron, sauces & spreads, seafood,  tapas, texturas, candy, vegetables, vinegar



#1 Cristina Amaro 2012-03-13 04:08
What about Portugal???

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