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"Smart" smartphone apps

Smartphone apps for life in Denmark

More and more are having a smartphone, so, let's share helpful apps for life in Denmark.

Add the info about your favorite apps as a comment at the bottom of this page and we will bring the suggestions into an easy to find format.

Check out other helpful resources for expat-life in Denmark.

First help (iPhone)
"AkutDanmark" finds the doctors or emergency room closest to you.
Important to have this information fast when you are in trouble.

DMI weather forecast (iPhone)
DMI is the official weather site for Denmark

Gyldendals dictionaries
English<=>Danish (iPhone)                     French<=>Danish (iPhone)
18 DKK                                                              $2,99

Spanish<=>Danish (iPhone)                   German<=>Danish (iPhone)
18 DKK                                                             18 DKK

Krak (iPhone)
"Krak" is the Danish yellow pages. You can search people, companies, addresses. Nice feature: checks automatically unknown numbers and
shows who is calling you

Live train info (iPhone)
"Toginfo Pro" shows live train departures
(S-train, Inter City, Regional, Øresundstrain)
$ 3.99

Live S-train info (iPhone)
"Live S-tog" shows live S-train departures and delays
$ 1.99

DSB ticket (iPhone)
On "DSB bilett" you can buy your ticket for trains

Rejseplanen (iPhone)
Timetable for public transport in Denmark

Bustickets (iPhone)
The "Movia" app shows the closest busstops and the next departures

Openinghours for supermarkets (iPhone)
The app "Hvad har åbent nu?"shows which supermarkets are still open.
Especially helpful when it's late and time is tight

Post Danmark (iPhone)
Find out the postal codes and the right postage for letters and packages

DBA (iPhone)
"DBA = den blå avis" a market place for new and used products

Fribi (iPhone)
A social give-away market and the best way for stuff to change hands

YouSee TVguide (iPhone)
Get an overview of the TV program for the next 7 days

Make your mobile to your personal trainer and fitness partner. Awesom tool!
24 DKK


#3 Galina 2012-02-14 22:00
I have Android and I find bellow applications very useful:
* røde ordbøger: danish-english, english-danish, danish-danish vocabulary
* rejseplanen
* dmi: dmi.dk
* krak: krak.dk (it checks automatically unknown numbers and shows to you who is calling you)
* movia
* dsb ticket
* post: post.dk
* dba: dba.dk
- danske bank application
- EdbPriser: edbpriser.dk
- forbrugsforeningen: forbrugsforeningen.dk
#2 JD_Jax 2012-02-01 20:18
* Hvad har åbent nu?
* Toginfo Pro
* DSB billet
Danske Bank
#1 Silviu 2012-02-01 09:26
* DMI forecast
* Rejseplan - train timetable
YouSee TVguide
Free Eng-Dan dictionary
eTilbudsavis - offers
Tilbudsavis - offers
Dansk TV-Oversigt

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