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Kids' activities in Copenhagen and Denmark

  • Inquire about state-funded child care and after-school care.
  • Many museums have children’s sections.  For example, the Children’s Museum at the National Museum is excellent and free.
  • Free outdoor ice skating at Frederiksberg Have and Kongens Nytorv.
  • The Zoo?  Pretty expensive, so make friends with someone who has an annual pass.  Or, enjoy the viewing stations from outside the Zoo.  (If you are a big zoo fan, the annual fee might be worth it.  The Zoo is open 365 days of the year.)
  • Tivoli? Again, make friends with someone who has an annual pass.  Once you are inside the Tivoli Gardens many performances are free, but the rides are not.  Look for specials, for example, during Crazy Hours (certain summer weeks and days) Tivoli offers free rides, 7:00-8:00pm, plus special deals on food and beverage.
  • Bakken amusement park, in Klampenborg Dyrehaven has free admittance and a traditional Danish atmosphere. Lots of free special events. Don’t miss opening day.
  • In April, visit the free Ballerup Children’s Theater Festival [www.teatercentrum.dk/festival/uk/]
  • Free screenings of films for children [http://www.dfi.dk]
  • Borrow toys, games (including Play Station), puzzles, music, etc., from the library.

More hints for kids's stuff will be posted shortly.

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#1 irisu 2011-05-03 08:57
More freebies for kids (many on Østerbro - I am living there with two toddlers :).

- legeland at the Post & Telemuseet
- there are many great playgrounds for kids in Copenhagen http://www.kk.dk/Borger/ByOgTrafik/GroenneOmraader/Legepladser.aspx, check out the "bemandede legepladser" - playgrounds with staff from Københavns Kommune - and things to play with (tri-cicles, scooter, shovel and bucket for the sandpit)
- trafik-legeplads in Fælledparken: teach your child traffic rools
- Remisen indoor playground (at Trianglen, Østerbro) - with special times for toddlers
- Østerbrohuset i Århusgade (2100)
- Soppesø i Fælledparken to wet the feet in summer



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