Summary 2009

  • 9 Sparkup events on practical topics
  • 5 "Vi taler dansk"
  • 5 Business Corner
  • 3 CV and application courses
  • 6 meetings of the group "Denmark cat-sitting exchange"

In total more than 600 members have particpated at the Worktrotter events in 2009. See pictures.
See the already planned events for 2010.

The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

The guide has been published in English and German in 2009. It is written from the angle of foreigners who need more and detailed explanations on the country, the etiquette, how-to's and advice in general. It is a practical guide, a handbook really. It helps to feel more in control of your new life, have a smoother transition - and above all, it enables you to make more out of your life in Denmark. Read more about this topic.

Free school choice

CLAVIS and Worktrotter (representing in total more than 4,000 international professionals) went into a meeting of the parliamentary commission for integration and stood up for newcomers to still have a free choice on the language school they learn Danish at. Read more about this topic.

Virtual panel

Together with welcometo.dk we have involved the leaders of various expat groups,who are now on the virtual panel of the welcometo.dk project, giving feedback on planned integration activities of the kommunes. Thus more activities will happen WITH us instead of just FOR us. Read more about this topic (in Danish) on page 3 at the bottom. Following groups have participated:

  • American Women’s Club
  • Ladies International Network København
  • AllCanuck (Canadians living in Denmark)
  • American expat meetup group
  • Young Internationals
  • Serate Italiane
  • Foreignersindenmark.dk
  • Irish in Demark


Presentations at the Worktrotter meetings

  • How much Danish should you learn
  • Making your stay in DK a sucess
  • Earning your living as self-employed
  • Be smart with rented housing
  • Leveraging the power of LinkedIn
  • Leadership in Denmark
  • Cutting the costs of living
  • If only I had known...
  • The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark
  • Attracting business to Copenhagen
  • Rules and "rules" in Denmark
  • The tax system in Denmark
  • Plans and initiatives at Workindenmark
  • How do Danes "tick" in private and at work
  • Trade unions and A-kasse for employees
  • A-kasse for entrepreneurs
  • Plans and initiatives at the Integration Service
  • Plans and initiatives at Worktrotter
  • Plans and initiatives at Københavns kommune
  • Inhibitors of well educated expats in DK
  • Mobile veterinarians
  • Lessons learned of a business owner

Guest-organizations at the Worktrotter mini-fairs

  • welcometo.dk
  • Kommunernes Landsorganisation
  • Workindenmark
  • JCI Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Women’s Network Copenhagen
  • American Women’s Club
  • Ladies International Network København
  • AllCanuck (Canadians living in Denmark)
  • American expat meetup group


Thanks you to all those who have contributed and participated.
Without you all this wouldn't have been possible.


Looking forward to an exciting 2010

As a give-back, please share via the Worktrotter-Forum what the Worktrotter -network and the Worktrotter activities have helped you with in 2009.







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The Worktrotter books

Business-Dances with Danes. Decoding Danish work cultureBusiness-Dances with Danes

For those working with Danes and those trying to find work in Denmark.
This book is also aimed at those Danes who want to become conciously aware of the Danish workplace culture.

Find out how to decode Danish work culture, avoid pitfalls and know how you can bring your messages across when working with Danes. 

The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

For current and future newcomers to Denmark.

A practical step-by-step guide about living and working in Denmark. Save time, nerves and money. Be smart and do things right - right from the start.

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