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Worktrotter and ForeignersInDenmark are joining forces: Over 5,500 internationals in Denmark in one network (as of June 1, 2010)!

Our aims are:
- Enjoy: By understanding Denmark better and by doing fun things we can settle and enjoy our stay here faster.
- Visbility: Make the international community more visible in Denmark as the valuable contributors we are.
- Involvement: Integration can only work by involving the community in the integration projects for them:
WITH us not only FOR us.

This network is a powerful force with the ability to make foreign professionals and students more visible and more welcome in DK.
We are looking forward to your comments and ideas. Please share them below. 

Foreigners in Denmark: started by Paula Jota Pedersen from Brazil in 2007 with a very active forum.
Worktrotter: started by Dagmar Fink from Germany in 2006 with focus on events, information and fun meetings.


#2 Dagmar 2010-10-07 23:38
Hi Nina, Danes are very welcome to the network as well.
#1 Nina Rasmussen 2010-09-19 08:08
Hi there.

I was just wondering if your club is open to Danes as well? I've just moved back to Copenhagen after 22 years abroad, and I am finding it very difficult to meet people here. I probably feel more like a foreigner than a Dane and tend to gravitate towards people of my own 'kind' - i.e. people who are not from here or who have travelled as extensively as me.

Kind regards,


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