Presentations in April about working in Denmark

See below my and other presentations in April about working in Denmark which are open to the public. Looking forward to see you.

(Mis) Understanding Danish work culture

In a highly interactive talk, our speaker Dagmar Fink de-mistifies  the unwritten rules of the Danish work culture. Dagmar will share real-live examples, suggestions and anecdotes and will give practical and detailed information about what works best with Danes and what puts Danes off in a work environment. The seminar is aimed at both non-Danes and Danes.
The Non-Danes participating in the event will get examples for situations where they are looking for work in Denmark as well as for situations where they already have work and they want to further their career. As Dagmar has been hiring and people manager over many years she will point out what counts for a manager, such that you can adapt your approach. You will get practical suggestions on how you can adapt your approach to the work culture in Denmark for various situations like applications / job interviews or your interactions with Danish colleagues. The presentation will enable you to have more impact with what you say, what you do and how you work and therefore be easier “recognized” and valued by Danes for your professional capabilities. This knowledge will increase your chances to find a job which fits to your experiences respectively to further your career in Denmark.
Danes will get examples of how the Danish work culture can be understood in a completely different way than they would imagine. Thus they will be more aware of how to work with non-Danes (in Denmark or abroad) – an important aspect for the growing international business of Danish companies.

April 10, 2013,17:00
Organizer: Expat in Denmark
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Øg dine chancer for at finde arbejde / arbejde som passer bedre til din erfaring!

(in Danish)
Mange skriver stapelvis dejlige ansøgninger men uden success. Mange bliver heller ikke inviteret til en interview.
Vores oplægsholder, Dagmar Fink, giver en presentation om hvordan I kan øge jeres chancer, så at i kommer ind i den rigtige sted for jeres uddannelse og erfaring.
Hun forklarer typiske fejl, hvordan jeres handlinger og jeres måden til at skrive CVer/ansøgnigner kan blive set og misforstået af en dansker. I vil få mange forslag om hvad I kan gør anderledes end intil nu.
On top, får i to ideer for at finde arbejde som fungerer bedre i Danmark end at skrive hundrede CVer.

April 11, 2013,17:00

Organizer: Novum
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Debatmøde med ministeren Pia Olsen Dyhr “Nydansk Iværksætteri”

(in Danish)
Oplæg, spørgsmål og debat ved:
Handels- og investeringsminister Pia Olsen Dyhr
Vinder af innovationsprisen 2012 Deepak Ashwani
Iværksætter og medstifter af “REPUBLIKKEN” Lau Gotthard Christensen
Direktør for NOVUM, Vanessa de Oliveira Stephensen
Folketingsmedlem Nadeem Farooq

April 16, 2013,15:30
Organizer: Novum
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DOs and DON’Ts in Denmark - a manager perspective

This is a lecture for accompanying spouses and international students living in Copenhagen municipality.

Learn about the social norms in Denmark, their backgrounds and practical suggestions on how to deal with them and how to make them work for you in a professional context. Dagmar Fink will give “cultural” hints & tips for job searches / applications / interviews to match the Danish style.

April 17, 2013,17:00

Organizer: Copenhagen Career Program
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Dagmar Fink
is founder and CEO of the Worktrotter-network for international professionals, business manager, speaker and author.
Dagmar is a business engineer in innovation and has worked for many years at IBM Denmark, Germany and the USA as a manager and project leader. After her move to Denmark, she published  the books “The Worktrotter’s Guide to Denmark” and “Business-Dances with Danes. Decoding Danish workplace culture” and runs the series “Denmark seen with international eyes”. Dagmar is an inspiring and entertaining speaker and at each presentation her aim is to provide the audience with eye-openers and tools for their toolbox to make the interaction between Danes and non-Danes smoother which will result in a more successful cross-cultural / cross-border business.

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Denmark seen with international eyes

The Worktrotter books

Business-Dances with Danes. Decoding Danish work cultureBusiness-Dances with Danes

For those working with Danes and those trying to find work in Denmark.
This book is also aimed at those Danes who want to become conciously aware of the Danish workplace culture.

Find out how to decode Danish work culture, avoid pitfalls and know how you can bring your messages across when working with Danes. 

The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

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