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Please participate in our surveys and help us collect various information about life and work in Denmark.
We also run surveys to collect information from your country, information which is helpful to make cross-border business smoother

Let's benefit of the knowledge in the international community!


Culture shock in DenmarkHow did you overcome culture-shock in Denmark?

Culture shock is a common reaction when moving to another country. Going from the honeymoon phase, to crisis, then hopefully to acceptance and then adjustment is a common cycle. The crisis is the most difficult phase and we would like to collect your experiences on how you made it "out of the dark" and what has helped you.

How did you find work in Denmark?How did you find work in Denmark?

The results of the survey will help job seekers tor better understanding the Danish jobmarket. Please spread the info about this survey with your friends colleagues etc. The more answers we get, the more helpful the information will be.

What are your monthly costs in DenmarkWhat are your monthly costs in Denmark?

Through this survey we'd like to make an estimation on the costs of living one can expect in Denmark. We constantly collect this input to keep the information up to date. 

What are the the transfer-fees from a business account to a private account in your country?

Please help us collect information from your home-country.
More and more businesses want to offer services in other countries and they need information on how certain things are taken care of there. Among many other companies the information we are collecting here is urgently needed by the startup "MoneyDrop". The MoneyDrop service will help us easily exchange foreign currency at the end of our vacations. Yippie!

Cross-cultural interaction with Danes

In this survey we are collecting input from Danes on how they would behave in certain situations at work. We are not looking for recipes - interaction with people is too complex for that. We are more in search of real-life examples which will serve as inspiration to newcomers to Denmark.


Finalized surveys

Do you perceive Danes open to foreigners living in Denmark?

This survey was lead in 2010 and has received a lot of attention in the Danish media.
The result: 46% of the participants don't feel welcome versus 26% who do. 28% gave a neutral answer. Considering that 98% of the 703 survey participants are well-educated, this is a very worrying result especially as Denmark claims the need for well-educated work-force from abroad.
The result of the survey gives a strong signal that there seems to be a problem, that foreigners don’t feel wanted here. This is not only unpleasant for the foreigners themselves and can influence them to leave the country (which in fact many do), but it can also have serious consequences for Denmark and its economy.


More information about living and working in Denmark

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