Who is "safe" in Denmark?

Newsletter April 13, 2011
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Who is "safe" in Denmark?
I'm in deep turmoil. My friend Gus Murray, one of the most active, bright, innovative people I have met during my time here, is asked to leave Denmark due to a mistake. Gus is highly educated, he has work, he is a strong driver in the entrepreneur community, pays good taxes and is an active member of society. To no avail. If it happens to Gus, who can be sure that it cannot happen to them? Help support Gus. Already over 11,600 have done so. We hope that reason gets back into the regulations around foreigners in Denmark.

Happy Easter!
Next week you'll experience the longest free weekend in Denmark in the whole year. Danes start celebrating Easter on Thursday (May 21) and continue to Monday (May 25). Read more about the Danish Easter traditions and enjoy the long weekend and fun activities.

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